Start Up Training

Starting a business is no small task and statistics show that a large percentage of start ups  fold up in a year. There are skills that business owners need that transcend sector, so why don’t you choose to do things differently?

This training is designed to equip attendees with Presentation Skills for when you have to make that pitch or  sale, Goal Setting skills  because business like life is about setting goals,  Personality Profiling because nothing is more important than knowing yourself as well as Time Management skills.

Held in June of 2017, in Collaboration with Charisma Global Services Limited a top Notch Coaching Firm. We created a totally free Three day training held in Abuja, targeted at Entrepreneurs and innovators, to help them build skills in areas like Goal Setting, Presentation and Pitching, Time Management and Personality Profiling.  The aim was help them plan , build and work in effective team situations well as set goals and execute plans for the future.