“the art of being wise is the art of knowing what to overlook”



As a business or as an entrepreneur, whether you have been in this for a long time or you just started, you will find that your ability to be able to focus might become an issue. As things take off, there will be a drag for your attention by competing and varying things all seemingly important at the time. You might even decide at some point to take on more things on your plate especially as a Nigerian business trying to breakeven, but you slowly begin to realise that you can only focus on one thing at a time and the ability to multitask that you were counting on developing is making you more and more inefficient, while raising your stress levels.

Studies have shown that our brains are actually not able to focus on more than one important task at once. What we think we are doing when we are multitasking is just simply moving our focus from one task to another reducing the overall time of concentrated effort we could have put into execution and completion of one task at once.

So now that we know that multitasking is not really an option,  we have to learn how to develop a single minded determination on a goal and task set before us, and execute it.

The trick is then for you to figure out what indeed is important and after that trying your hardest to concentrate on those things

According to Richard St. John; focus is divided into long term focus and short term concentration.

Short term concentration is then the ability to concentrate on tasks before you at a given time so you actualise long term goals.  To drive focus, we have to be able to concentrate and learn to be single minded about it.

6 Keys to enhance Long term focus:

  1. Know your vision by heart: I would recommend writing if down. Once you know where you are heading  and you can look at it a number of times each day, the tendency of being dragged in a different direction will reduce exponentially.
  2. Set goals and tasks based on your vision: If you do this, all the things that drag your attention from your goals will slowly be eliminated if the don’t serve the overall purpose.
  3. Time allocation: Its highly effective to allot blocks of time to tasks, this way the temptation to stay on one task for extended periods reduces. If you are an entrepreneur and you have a document that needs to go out but a million other tasks to complete also of the same importance, being able to allocate time and stick to it is a skill you will want to cultivate. This way you give yourself the ability responsibility of ensuring you not only move on, but put in your best in the time you have.
  4. Concentrate on one key task at a time: We are often tempted to show our ability to execute multiple tasks, but like I stated earlier on, this is not a skill at all. All you end up doing is reducing the quality of concentration we can offer to one task and perform  it optimally. The skill we need to invest time and energy into is the skill of concentration; being present and finishing what we start.
  5. The ability to say No: according to William James; “the art of being wise is the art of knowing what to overlook”. Especially in this social media age, you will constantly be tempted to dabble in everything. If you cannot  ignore what doesn’t serve the vision in the long term and concentrate in the now on things that help your short term goals, you will end of loosing a lot more than you anticipated.
  6. Master the Passion: “People don’t pay for average” John c. Maxwell. You will rather spend your money on who does what your want best within your budget than who meets the need in a mediocre way. When you find what you are passionate about, concentrate on being the best at it. Build skills, learn, do, focus on executing the best version of this at every time. Must people fail at focusing because they are not good at what they do and they don’t care about it enough to build skills in it. When you find your strength zone, focus on being the best in all areas; evolve and innovate within your area of strength.

The best thing Entrepreneurs and businesses can do for themselves in build the culture of focus. find what works for you, music, quite or background noise. The skill to focus will serve you more that its infamous cousin multitasking ever did.

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