8 Super Productivity Hacks that Work

You read tips and trick on how to improve your productivity, some of them work but some are simply insane and unrealistic. How many people running businesses have the luxury of going to bed as early as 8:00 pm just so they can be up at 4:00 am?

So because we are always trying to bring you the best, we searched around for more realistic things to try and here are 8 of the best:

  1. Do the most crucial tasks first: If you get into the office or simply move to your desk (if it’s right by your bed) and you hope to get the ball rolling, professionals swear by doing the most difficult stuff first. If it is work that you would rather not do, or it takes a lot of concentration and effort, then these are the tasks you should be doing first. Try allocating time to them too, this way you avoid sticking with it too long and not getting other things done.
  2. Have your meetings standing: This was a productivity tip we learned from a professional. Because meetings tend to take so, much time and effort and sometimes end up being a total waste of time, have them standing, this way, everyone one will be forced to focus on what matters and that person that tends to drone on won’t stand a chance against the urgency standing brings (this works like magic by the way).
  3. Meet with fewer people: The more people there are in the room, the higher the tendency for the message to get lost.
  4. Make lists: We learned this as early as primary school, lists make you very productive thus the prevalence of so many lists making productivity apps. When you write your task in lists, you not only get the visual push, you can then tick off work you have done leading to a sense of accomplishment which ends of motivating you (it’s a wonderful cycle).
  5. Limit your use of mobile devices: or you end up falling into what Tim Urban of Wait but Why calls the Dark Playground. Time yourself when you are on your phone, be intentional about these things.
  6. Do the important things: Like Chocolate City Boss Audu Maikori wrote on his Instagram Page, “…do only the most important thing…” We get bogged down with doing tasks, whether important or not then we end up stressed out and not having made any headway, of course, the decision of what is important is up to you and your goals.
  7. Don’t get slowed down by perfection: The reason some of us make slow progress or no progress at all is that we want everything to be just perfect. Perfection takes time and often multiple tries. As an entrepreneur, perfection is not necessarily a friend more than it is a derailer. Of course, try to offer perfect service to your clients at all cost, but do not let perfection become a crutch that keeps you stagnant when you should be moving.
  8. Our favourite productivity hack is DELEGATION: Dear CEO you cannot conquer the world without an army. Try to build a team around you that you can work with even as a “solopreneur”.

Watch our web space as we are working on curating a team of excellent service providers; virtual assistants and aides you can contact through our website to help you with number 8.

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