Your Business Goals Vs Your Personal Goals

For your business to grow, it has to be an entity separate from you. You cannot deep into your business account and you have to ensure your overheads are covered by your business. However, when it comes to goals and setting them, your business and your personal life can clash if you aren’t doing it right.
As a small business owner, your job is to solve that problem you discovered, you register your business set up branding, social media and you begin then what? Do you spend all your time at the dining table on the laptop and miss school pickups or soccer practice? Yes, there is a time in your business where it’s like a child on intensive care you have to be available 100% of the time especially if you are a solopreneur but that’s the game plan?

You cannot have a million dollar dream and hope that you get to spend time with family and in church trying to build it, so where do you see your life and how far do you assume you have gone in life/business before you are at a point of success?

As an entrepreneur, it’s up to you to decide what your personal aspirations are and if they align with your business aspirations.

No matter the kind of business you choose, sacrifices will need to be made and which are you willing to make. You cannot be want to build an international brand and never leave or hate travelling.
I have put together 4 steps you need to consider carefully In order to align your business and personal lives:

  • Deliberately make decisions that align your business with your life: if you want to spend a lot of time with your family, scaling up your business and increasing the operations hiring more staff and taking on more jobs will not cut it. You may be bringing in more money but you find that you are unhappier and have a loss of fulfilment as opposed to when your business was smaller.
  • Decide from the very beginning where you want your business to grow to: I remember watching a movie a while back, a lady had just come out of a divorce and she set up a fashion line. Her friend was trying to pitch her on ways she could make it grow. After the pitch, she told her friend NO. Her friend, puzzled, asked her why; she said for she was content with keeping it small. There is no shame in wanting your business to be small and manageable, if more business people were more honest with this alignment of dream and businesses, maybe people will be more fulfilled.
  • Decide what’s next? So you have started and you have grown, what do you intend to do. I asked a client of mine what he intended to do with his application when it had really grown and he told me he was going to sell it. He intends to work hard and get his business valuable and sell it off. That’s a long-term strategy he’s willing to invest in. What are your next steps for your business? So your Cake business takes off and grows, are you going to merchandise, train, and exhibit? What you will do. The sooner you make decisions like this, the easier it will be to strive on in hard times.
  • Consider personal Time: Because as a small business your business and your life are so tightly intertwined you will actually have to intentionally plan in personal time. I make it a point never to work after a certain time. So I can spend time with my family since my business and personal life are so closely aligned, I effectively make sure that my time is my time and work time is work time no distractions. It’s much easier said than done most times but we have to take active control of our vision and ensure that the other is not edging the other out.

The more Synergy you have between these two important areas of your life, the easier it is to drive your vision since nothing is in conflict you will not feel like you are forgoing one for the other and have fewer regrets down the line.

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